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A really funny and smart guy. Generally tall and is freakin' awesome. The name of the coolest guy in the world.
Cheekin, why you so cool for?
by Monicaisfreakingawesome April 27, 2011
11 4
to go hard or bug out
" Yo I was cheekin hard when deneese said dat baby is mine."
by Mista $hine January 05, 2012
4 2

it's when your butt cheeks show when you bend over in the outfit your wearing.
yeah, she is cheekin' really bad
by natissupercool July 22, 2011
1 0
To hang out with someone you like
Zach: I saw you cheekin yesterday.
by RannDum January 07, 2011
2 1
The act of mooching off all of your friends for things like money, food, or a ride somewhere.
-Hey man can I get a dollar?

-Shit, bro why you always gotta be cheekin
by G-Dolla$ July 10, 2008
5 7