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Pubes that are exposed while clothes are on.
When I saw Betsy in her bikini, there was a peek-a-bush staring back.
by Thesexythreeandablackdude November 26, 2010
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Any amount of pubic hair that is visible around clothing, or in a situation that others seeing your pubic hair is unacceptable or undesirable.
"Did you see Marie's peek-a-bush at the lake today?"

"Yeah. It was a little disturbing, but I kind of liked it."

"Oh, fuck yeah."
by JB in the Tree July 29, 2013
When pubic hair becomes exposed by stretching the arms above one's head, causing the shirt to rise above the pubic region.
"I saw Emma's peek-a-bush the other day."

"How did you see it?"

"She stretched and her shirt lifted up and it just poked out!"
by tbshockwave September 19, 2013

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