when you have to pee so badly that when you finally do it sends a shiver up your spine,gives you goosebumps and is almost as good as an orgasm.
Wow I had to pee so bad that I think I just had a pee-gasm
by gboy0662 January 29, 2010
Top Definition
The euphoric shiver felt by the human male during a long-awaited urination.
I had such a violent peegasm I pissed all over the leg of the guy next to me, and he subsequently proceeded to beat the shit out of me. But wow, what a peegasm.
by goiterbutt September 17, 2003
When you have to pee sooooo bad, that when you do it feels almost as good as an orgasm.
I had to piss like a race horse, but dam it felt good!
by Schism December 03, 2002
A peegasm is when you finally take a piss after holding it in for an extended period of time i.e. a long trip, waiting for an end of a movie or having to finish something and just can’t get away. The feeling makes your legs weak, you feel good all over and you can’t think of anything but what is happing at that moment.
Alex "Where is Joe?"
Les "He went to the restroom he had to piss real badly."
Alex "Well I hope that teaches him not to have a Large Drink after we leave that last restroom for 40 miles."
3 Minutes later
Les “Joe feeling any better?”
Joe “Yep just had the best peegasm ever.”
by canine June 19, 2008
when you, a girl, have to pee soooo bad but can't or havent yet, that you basically reach the point of orgasm.
i had to pee soo bad, i had waited since 3, but class didnt get out until 930. so on my drive home, i freakin peegasmed a good 4 times in a row.
by xtoughgalx September 13, 2006
|pēˌgazəm| noun. a feeling of euphoric relief centered in the groin area experienced when you finally use the bathroom after having refrained from urinating for an extended period of time. Often vocally accompanied by loud, un-controllable moans or long sighs.
Sally had such a loud peegasm after waiting two hours to use the bathroom, you could hear her from a mile away.
by Mapster February 05, 2009
the body quiver that involuntarily occurs after urination.
Crap i pissed all over my shoes. Damn peegasm.
by skibbidydoo January 13, 2009
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