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This is usually a final request from someone who is desperate for sex.
Man: I'll pay you 100 bucks to sleep with me.

Stripper: Fuck no!

Man: How bout 10 bucks and you give me a pee pee touch
by zarreff March 20, 2010
A game played between men that involves the backhanding of another mans genitals. The act of pee-pee touching must be done as a surprise, and when contact is made, one must exclaim "Pee-pee touch!" The first recorded playing of pee-pee touch was at the First Continental Congress in 1774.
Eric came into the living room, and to his surprise he was hit with the backhand of Mark. As Eric collapsed, Mark proclaimed "Pee-pee touch!"
by Gun Guy February 25, 2011
a small poke or caress of a males gentiles
david "just a small peepeetouch?"
michelle "okay!"
by michelledisafuckingchamp May 29, 2011
A male that likes to touch the pee pee alittle too much.
Dude, why the hell do you like to touch other guys cocks!! Your a pee pee touch!!
by ken-dawg November 23, 2004
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