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Something that is just plain fuckin awesome, best of da best.
Dood, i watched Blade Trinity last night, it was da shit, u gotta see it!
by ken-dawg December 18, 2004
the moon; the source of light a nigger uses to go rob places by.
Since its cloudy out the niggers can't use the nig light. They are gunna have to find a flashlight.
by ken-dawg January 14, 2005
Played with both boys and girls, when you are "it", to tag someone you come up behind them and give him/her a swift slap right on the bum cheek, or you can slap both cheeks, if it pleases you to do so.
Dood, we got a whole gang togther and went out in a field and played a nice, friendly game of ass tag!!
by ken-dawg November 24, 2004
something you need to do with your cock so you make sure you get it in the right hole, when your gunna have sex.
Man, my girl friend got mad at me yesterday because my aiming was off. She said i need to adjust my sights or get a scope for it. I said that she should be happy that i didnt try and stick it in her ear, cause I would have given her an earful.
by ken-dawg December 18, 2004
1. A dirt track racing corporation.

2. When everyone in the world turns into gangsta's and try and kill each other.
1. Did you go to the World of Outlaws series race last night? "The Dude" won!!

2. This is kool shit!! Our world has turned into a World of Outlaws!! 10 people that live on my street have already been shot in 2 days!! It's fuckin' hilarious!!
by ken-dawg November 24, 2004
Its an uncle that likes to pound the asshole of fellow men.
Dude, your uncle is a fuckin' ass uncle, he cant get away from the ass!!
by ken-dawg November 23, 2004
a porno all about MILF's
Dude I just got this new MILF mag, its so kick ass!!
by ken-dawg November 23, 2004
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