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When urination is so strong and intense it causes one to fart
I was embarrassed when i let out a pee fart in the bathroom cause it happened when my girlfriend was walking by the door
by Lilparkczar October 17, 2007
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A brief interruption of steady urination sometimes causing sputtering of urine. More common in female urination, but males report peefartation.
Judge Judy: So Mr. Kelly you say you did not douse the plaintiff in a steady stream of urine?
R Kelly: No your honor the stream was briefly interrupted by a peefart.
*Court room erupts in laughter*
*Judge Judy raps her gavel*

Judge Judy: ORDER!!!
by Tw1tchO_o August 13, 2010
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Farting unintentionally while urination is occurring due to relaxation of the sphincter. An expulsion of pressure which leads to many an awkward public toilet moment.
I laughed my head off as I heard the lady in the next cubical do a squeaky one before her stream flowed. It was a belting pee fart!

I was dying to relax and pee but I knew a fart bubble would be released prior and everyone would hear my pee fart.
by mazabella June 29, 2013
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When one is straining to pee and farts. Pee farts are usually accompanied by a brief grunt or giggle.
Dude, I just pee farted.

From the adjacent stall: "Did you just pee fart?"

Response: "Yes, yes I did"
by Chunk Hands September 10, 2008
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A fart that smells like pee.
"I just smelled a fart, a fart that smelled like pee! It was a Pee Fart."
by frackledart December 22, 2011
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