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peepee smelly it no taste good
Grabdna lick peepee than she died.
by Peeboy June 24, 2003
224 149
A word describing a penis that is so small, the word penis doesn;t even apply.
Hey Billy,
Last nite your girlfriend ran out of the room, not because of the way you were acting like she said to you, but because of the size of your Pee Pee.. its soo Weeeee!
by Otis Jenkens January 08, 2004
91 49
The male reproductive organ.
I love ninjas with every part of my body, including my pee-pee.
by Nugget April 27, 2003
61 22
verb: to urinate, go "number one"
Lenny went peepee behind a tree.
by Doctor Len October 23, 2005
98 62
baby speak for urination
Mommy, I gotta go pee pee!
by Bungalow Bill November 24, 2001
70 44
a small penis. usually 1-3 inches
How big is your pee pee?
by niggajones November 07, 2007
47 22
A man's wanger.
I have a large pee-pee.
by Daman November 02, 2003
30 16