a creepy smile that resembles one who is a pedophile
"that guy is really creeping me out, hes looking at me with the biggest pedosmile right now"
by peasgood May 12, 2009
That creepy, suspicious smile that makes you look like a pedophile.
my god that guy just gave me the weirdest pedosmile, it made me flip the fuck out
by Zyph March 18, 2011
A facial expression in which the corners of the mouth are raised, usually expressing amusement, pleasure, or approval in such a way that reveals a disire to committe sexual acts with a child.
Derek's pedosmile caused the mother to cover her baby with a blanket as they drove by.
by El Cartero August 14, 2006
The distinguished smirk or smile of a pedophile.
by The Joeyness February 22, 2009
The creepy smile presented on the face of a pedophile.
Chris: Wendy you can't date that guy.
W: Why not?
C: Are you kidding me? The guy has a pedosmile!
by Chris Adamo August 07, 2007
A smile that is directed at chilldren with sexual intention or just a really creepy smile.
that dude just pedosmiled at me.
by Zacharias July 30, 2005
A smile without teeth referring to a pedophile's smile.
You look like a pedophile with your pedosmile.
by boblander1234 March 21, 2008
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