An adult who is not attracted by children, sexually or otherwise, and who should remain childfree, but does not end uo doing it due to the blind pressure of social conformity.
You are such a pedophobe. Why on earth did you put children on earth?
by Ysengrim January 02, 2004
Top Definition
A person who possesses an abnormal fear of children.
The septigenarian tried to get the preschool across the street shut down because he couldn't stand the sound of the children playing - what a pedophobe.
by sydstranda July 25, 2006
The opposite of a pedophile (depending on your definition). One who is afraid of and/or hates pre-pubescent kids to the point where it interrupts their lives.
The 1st grade teacher was secretly a pedophobe and resigned because he hated his class.
by kmfr November 03, 2010
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