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A word used to describe someone or something that is unique, odd, or different, usually in a good way, but sometimes also in a bad way.
Gene Simmons: You know there are people who sing much, much, worse than you... who are not as exciting. The reason you don't belong here is not because you're not peculiar... and peculiar by the way is a good way to make a living. I'm peculiar, 'kay! But the rest of the people come here and they belt it out, they really sing and have range. That's not what you've got, but you do have something they don't, which is personality. But I'm gonna say 'no'.
by KrazyKurves August 10, 2008
The tactful way of telling someone they look or act like a moron.
Yeah Dude, those green polka-dotted jeans are very peculiar.
by Isaac Martin May 18, 2008
The perfect snack with cheese whiz
Yay Cheese Whiz1111
by The BIZ December 31, 2004
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