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1) Part-time shelf-stocker; full-time MILF
2) An aspiring fluffer with dreams of porn star greatness in the spirit of “Debbie Does Dallas”. ie. “PeckerTrish Does Pennsyltucky”
3) To defend one’s brainfarts by rebuffing: “Asshole!”, especially when publicly called out for random acts of boneheadedness
1) That peckertrish should stop fluffing the customers and start restocking the acai berry pills. She’ll never make commission that way.
2) That peckertrish should stop restocking the acai berry pills and start fluffing the customers. She’ll never get discovered that way.
3) You don’t need to explain , just peckertrish: “Peckerneck, I was replying to the next-to-last post, half-way down on the left side of the previous page. Don’t laugh at me. Asshole!”

#pt #peckerneck #peckermora #peckerbecky #peckerlaura #peckerkristy
by Peckermora December 19, 2008
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