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When a man's belly sticks out further than his pecker do.
Hey did you see the peckerdoo on that guy?
by JSTNJNS August 08, 2012
\'pe-ker-,dû\ noun 1: The "doo-doo" residue left on a man's penis after anal penetration 2: a. An ignorant person b. A dick/shit headed individual 3: a. Your boss b. Maybe even your mother-in-law c. Your signifigant other 4: Possibly, in rare cases, an affectionate term such as lovebug or sweet-ums
1: Eww! You got peckerdoo in my mouth you peckerdoo!
2: Phil just stuck his dick in a meat grinder! He's such a peckerdoo!
3: My boss just fired me, my wife hates me, and my mother-in-law is comming over for dinner! They're all a bunch of peckerdoos! Maybe I'm a peckerdoo?
4: Aww, I love you my little peckerdoo!
by jccc December 04, 2007

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