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2 definitions by JSTNJNS

I Blame Obama.

It's a simple, but well known, fact that Obama is the cause of every issue known to the modern-American (well, the whole world really).

Somewhat of a hybrid between FML and Blame Drew's Cancer, IBO should be appended to all posts (Facebook status updates, Twitter tweets, TXT messages, and heaven forbid you are still on this...Myspace updates) regarding why and how The Silver-Tongued Emir of Eloquence is ruining your life.
"My toe hurts! :( IBO!" - Ashley

"Wow. for the first time I had a dream that my teeth were falling out. IBO..." - Danielle

"I'm fat... IBO" - Justin
by JSTNJNS May 15, 2010
When a man's belly sticks out further than his pecker do.
Hey did you see the peckerdoo on that guy?
by JSTNJNS August 08, 2012