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Think of a titty fuck but instead of a broad's tits, you're using a dude's pecs. Simply put, dude #1 is fucking dude #2's pecs, which dude #2 pushes together so dude #1 can fuck 'em. Dude #2's gotta have a nice set of pecs though, else it'll be the same as titty fucking a chick with a rack of A's.
Dude, I TOTALLY pec fucked Dan yesterday!
by _Drew_ May 16, 2007
n. like titfucking except there is two males, and one of them is shoving his penis between the other's pectorals
"My two cousins were over last night. One's a dude and the other's a chic."

"Uh-huh... and?"

"My chic cousin has boobs that are so big and perky that I asked her if I could titfuck her... She said no, and that's when my dude cousin came along and asked me if I wanted to pecfuck him."

"And you said yes, didn't you?"
by KP123KP September 17, 2011
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