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A public service bus or train
I took the peasant wagon to work today
by gricage October 19, 2007
A phrase seemingly invented by my sister in the 90s, meaning 'bus', but everyone seems to be saying it without getting permission from my sister. She's very hurt and upset by this and wants her royalties ;)
My sister Sarah: 'Shall we get the peasant wagon?'
Us :'What's a peasant wagon?'
Sarah : 'The bus'
Us 'Lol'
by Sarah's sister May 14, 2013
term commonly used for the bus, mainly used by the upper class private schoolboy referring to common dwellers using the public service.
Igor left the house to catch the bus ie. Igor left the house to board the peasant wagon.
by hijack October 16, 2007
local bus service

so called because they are the preferred method of transport for peasants, and a very poor method of getting from one place to another
chris won't give me a lift into town, so i'l have to get the bloody peasant-wagon. see you in an hour.
by public transport user October 19, 2007