A person that is loveable and they are cute and you just want to give them a big hug!!!
Awww Katie I love you, you are such a pea!!!!
by Maddie August 08, 2004
A powerful group of positive and thoughtful pea-ople that have either:
An artistic bent
A "values" oriented and centered life (No, I am not going to define it, come up with your own values.)
Some attraction to photography and memories.
Are prone to share photos of pets and shelter animals available for adoption.
Help total strangers.
Pray for one another, or send positive thoughts when ever asked or requested.
Support each other, and our families, in good times and bad.
When you need some help, you can depend on the "power of Peas" to come through.
by Ole_Sarge May 26, 2007
pez adverb or adjective

slang word used to describe something as being meant for peasants or blue collar.
Dude 1: Dude! I drove a forklift into the ceiling today.

Dude 2: Don't sweat it. We intellectuals don't use our hands for peas tasks, when we do, bad things happen.
by The Mayor of 4th Street February 25, 2009
1) Round, green thing that is generally edible.
2) Something that randomosity filled people worship.
1) What's for dinner tonight?
Fish fingers, chips and peas.

2) "Peas are GOD."
"Ah, We must go and pray to our god, the pea."
by Daniffer October 15, 2005
A short form for the band black eyed peas. This way, people do not think you are abusing them in an exteremely childish manner when you say "bep".
if only the peas knew how to write a song...
by Gunkglumb June 06, 2005
A cult of homely housewives obsessed with scrapbooking. They call themselves peas in reference to the web site message board they fight with each other on.
A pea is someone who doesn't have a life but pretends to by creating scrapbooks of staged family moments.

A pea is someone who lives in a trailer but owns a $1000 dRebel camera because every other pea has one.

A pea is someone who will stick a Diva Cup up her crotch because all the other peas bragged wonderful it is.

A pea spends her life creating the perfect image to make her life seem grander than it is.

by Pealina September 16, 2006
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