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Babbling incoherently, making no sense, Being completely random

The act of making up words.
1:Pie 1: Gooble-goo, Looby-loo, Nunga-runga-lunga-shooby
Pie 2: dude, you are talking complete gobbledegook!
Pie 1: laa-puroke-la-rainybowwww...
2:Pie 1: SCHIZENHAUMER. Doggle Juate mie.*
Pie 2: Huh? oh, I see. Gobbledegook.
*Oh no! My dog just ate my pie.
by Daniffer October 24, 2005
1)Replacement for a swearword, is a cross between german and gobbledegook. Is often said in one's head as it sounds extremely stupid when said out loud.
2) very stupid name for a butler.
1)Oh, schizenhaumer, I left the oven on.
2)Oh, schizenhaumer, I left the oven on. can you go and turn it off for me?
by Daniffer October 16, 2005
1) the idea of being rebellious
2) a word used by random people after someone gets a stripey bag instead of a plain black one, Clashes colours on purpose and generally tries to not fit in, yet somehow manages to make it cool.
1) "She said what!?!? Now that is full of rebelliousness."
2) "oh, I wish I was HER. She has soo much rebelliousness."
by Daniffer October 16, 2005
1) Round, green thing that is generally edible.
2) Something that randomosity filled people worship.
1) What's for dinner tonight?
Fish fingers, chips and peas.

2) "Peas are GOD."
"Ah, We must go and pray to our god, the pea."
by Daniffer October 15, 2005

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