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Verb/Proper Noun
1. Exact translation: Pussy-Eagle
2. (V) To Peagle-The act of observing, or taking note of a particularly fine piece of ass. Usually only used by men, talking to other men.
3. (PN) A certain busser at the Bethlehem Brew Works who has a particularly keen eye for pussy. AKA Bun-Bun
Did you see her?
Yeah i peagled her as she walked by.
by The Peagle July 17, 2006
A small bird native to Duke, North Carolina, by way of Boston and Edina. It is a hybrid combination of a Penguin and an Eagle and varies from a few inches to around one and a half feet...straight up. The first of its kind was bred in a Boston College Lab's and was named Thomas Jones Herrmann III. The Peagle's ideal environment is Duke NC. It requires a lot of love and is very resilient to punting.
The Peagle might be the coolest bird in the world.
by Tom123456767 October 22, 2006
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