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not giving a fuck about what goes on most of the time
World peace would solve all of the world's problems.
by needsmoreclever October 20, 2010
2 2
The day when all religion is forgotten. Then there will be peace.
Peace can be attained... just not in our lifetimes.
by Paracetamol 500mg November 08, 2006
24 24
Something gained by war.
I will fight for peace.
by TruthSpitter June 13, 2012
0 1
A polite way of saying 'fuck you' at the end of an argument.
You're a complete idiot, and everything you've said is wrong. Whatever. Peace.
by freditha June 06, 2010
2 3
The act of saying duces and peace at the same time.
Matt: yo im tired im out

Trelvis: aight DUCES!!!!

by MX Xav December 28, 2009
2 3
a failed philosophy
by Awesome Fred November 10, 2009
4 5
A new bandwagon that just about every preteen and teenaged girl has offically became apart of. Every clothing article they wear tends to have peace signs all over them, when actually they don't even know the meaning of the word because they love drama. Just for your information drama is actually an antonym for peace.
Olivia: OMG! This shirt has a PEACE SIGN on it!!! omg omg omg i'm going to buy it! By the way Natasha, did you hear what Kevin said about you? OMG.

Natasha: OMG! I love that shirt too! I want it as well! and no what did he say? I LOVE DRAMA!!!
by SquirrelsEatNuts August 14, 2009
5 6