Pre Dinner Drink
Lets go for PDDs at that awesome bar
by jonnym October 19, 2010
Public Display of Depression. When someone is acting depressed to get attention or make people feel bad for them.
Bob: What's wrong with your sister?
you: Her bf just broke up with her so now she is PDDing.
by r3king August 05, 2009
Public Display of Drama
She likes to engage in PDD.
by Digitizer August 20, 2009
Post Dinner Dump

after you have had a large meal, you go to the toilet for a dump to make some room.
wow that steak was nice im stuffed, im going for a PDD.
by Matthew89 February 13, 2008
Post Design Dumpground - The department in an engineering organisation where all barely implemented, feature poor, bug ridden, undocumented, illegible, unworkable code or products get dumped after being prematurely rushed to the market.
Newbie: Working on this code is awful! This is not what I went to university for!

Veteran: Get used to it, software development is always hell in PDD.
by Ramos Vader-Congo October 06, 2009
PDD-Please Don't Die, people will say GL HF before Blizzard internet games. Games Such as- Warcraft

So before a game starts, start the PDD trend
LzH.Slayer: GL HF PDD
Rouge-Death: Last Word
by Joel227 June 21, 2007
Penis Deficit Disorder, or PDD, refers to a condition observed, mostly, in women when subjects have a deficiency of vaginal, anal, or oral sex.

Syndroms of said condition include but are not limited to:
-Desperation for attention
-High irritability

Often times subjects with PDD has been shown to camouflage their condition by insinuating them having PMS. This behavior is especially common among women who aspire to be feminists.

If a woman or a man showing such symptoms is encountered, it is advisable to approach them with caution. Men with PDD are considered to be especially dangerous to other men.
- Sup, have you noticed that Claudia has been acting very strange as of late? She's acting like a real bitch, don't you think?
- Yeah, she must have the PDD!
- Nah, she said it's the PMS.
- Bro, trust me, that broad is on a dry spell.
- Word.
- Word.
by risebahebe April 19, 2011

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