Pretty Damn Cool.

when something is... pretty damn cool.
Darren: man this new game is pdc!
Gregorio: yep. it is.
Top Definition
Public Displays of Craziness, can be identified by people acting in a totally inappropriate and crazy manor while in the presents of others.
Can you believe that PDC last night. What the hell was she smoking.
by MrAzz August 09, 2009
Personal Daily Challenge

Anything that happens to you during a day that brings you misery is a PDC. Flat tire, run out of gas, open your closet and everything falls out, spill something on your clean shirt, etc.
I woke up to a P.D.C. when I got into the shower and the hot water was out!
by christi g February 13, 2008
Piss Drunk Cock - someone who drinks enough to make an ass out of themselves, can also be be used to refer to a group of heavy drinkers or a state of sobriety.
That fucker goat is a PDC.
PDC biatch.
Waylon and Prophet were all PDC'd last night at The Royal Plams.
by L O G June 24, 2004
Pretty Darn Cute
"That baby is PDC."

"You're looking PDC today."
by Taco Face April 18, 2012
Piss Drunk Cock
The letters PDC can be seen on some T-shirts in south Louisiana during Mardi Gras. It started out as a way for locals to make fun of the shirts the fraternities wore with three letters and the term PDC (piss drunk cock) was taken from the Adam Sandler (talking goat) CD
"Damn - he's passed out again"
"What a P.D.C."
by Big Suge August 22, 2006
Place in New-Brunswick, Canada. Stands for Pointe-du-Chene. PDC stands for the large gang that occupies that place. Know place to get drugs(gang only). The rest of the Pointe-du-chene is beautiful, with the warf and the scenery, it's a great place for relaxing.
When they jump you, after their done they'll say: " Don't mess with tha PDC!"
by part of the pdc August 25, 2009
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