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Pretty Damn Cool.

when something is... pretty damn cool.
Darren: man this new game is pdc!
Gregorio: yep. it is.
15 9
Public Displays of Craziness, can be identified by people acting in a totally inappropriate and crazy manor while in the presents of others.
Can you believe that PDC last night. What the hell was she smoking.
by MrAzz August 09, 2009
14 7
Piss Drunk Cock - someone who drinks enough to make an ass out of themselves, can also be be used to refer to a group of heavy drinkers or a state of sobriety.
That fucker goat is a PDC.
PDC biatch.
Waylon and Prophet were all PDC'd last night at The Royal Plams.
by L O G June 24, 2004
25 21
Personal Daily Challenge

Anything that happens to you during a day that brings you misery is a PDC. Flat tire, run out of gas, open your closet and everything falls out, spill something on your clean shirt, etc.
I woke up to a P.D.C. when I got into the shower and the hot water was out!
by christi g February 13, 2008
3 3
Pretty Darn Cute
"That baby is PDC."

"You're looking PDC today."
by Taco Face April 18, 2012
3 4
abbreviation for 'pox doctor's clerk'; a a dubious character in cheap flashy gear.
Go out looking like that and they'll think your a friggin'pox doctor's clerk.
by John Earl November 23, 2003
5 7
Place in New-Brunswick, Canada. Stands for Pointe-du-Chene. PDC stands for the large gang that occupies that place. Know place to get drugs(gang only). The rest of the Pointe-du-chene is beautiful, with the warf and the scenery, it's a great place for relaxing.
When they jump you, after their done they'll say: " Don't mess with tha PDC!"
by part of the pdc August 25, 2009
2 5