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3 definitions by berkinator

A unit of volume in the imperial measurement system. Typically used for measuring amounts of liquid to be sold. Rarely used in scientific or any usefull application.
I got 10 gallons of root beer for 5 bucks!
by berkinator July 18, 2005
23 8
A pre-recorded telephone answering system where callers are asked to press numbers on their telephone to hear different messages. Can often lead callers in circles, preventing them from doing what they are trying to do. These are most often used by large companies who are too cheap to get real people to answer the phone.
I tried to call the carpeting company but I got stuck in a voicemail jail.
by berkinator July 02, 2005
20 6
An acronym for Pretty Damn Cool.
That display pic you put up is totally PDC!
by berkinator July 26, 2005
4 24