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An abbreviation for Planet Christmas - a website created by Chuck Smith to give Christmas Decoration Enthusiasts a place to discuss techniques and methods.
I heard about computerized Christmas lights over on P C
by roughneck March 29, 2008
Panama City Beach, Florida
One of the Spring BReak capitols of the world
I went and got wasted at PC during Spring BReak
by lala December 30, 2002
Proper connection; used in the context of beer pong when the cups are not touching. A request for P.C. is made, and the opponent is required to fix his/her cups.
"Can I get some P.C. please?"
by beatlemania68 October 04, 2007
Stands for Pussy Connoiseur. A man who truly, really, madly loves to eat pussy.
Girl, was he a P.C.?? Yes, he was so turned on eating my pussy. He kept going for hours!!
by Grestie August 23, 2008
personal computer, always giving you problems
PCs have brought nothing to our society except the Urban Dictionary
by Anonymous September 13, 2002
Stupid self righteous fucks who believe that because they are white and well off other white people must suffer for the "crimes" of thier ancestors.
Also believe that men should only be kept alive for thier sperm production and once cloning is available should all die.
God damn PC sonsofbitches, lost my job to a wetback cause of those damn quotas.
I'm gonna fuck those PC bitches until they can't walk.
by Major Tom April 19, 2004