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politically correct
by mamajama March 31, 2003
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In role-playing games RPG, this is the "player character" or "playable character."
A player character being your personal controlled character, and playable character should be pretty obvious.
In Skyrim, the character you control is the player character, or PC.
In Final Fantasy, your party members are the playable characters, or PC.
by awesomesauce95 February 13, 2013
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Personal Computer. Despite its definition, PC's were originally computers with Intel processors. Most people think that PPC is synonymous with Windows, however, those people are idiot when it comes to computers. PC includes Windows, any variant of Linux (that is a lot of operating systems), BSD, Solaris, and all Unix-based operating systems. Macs are Unix based, so when people compare Macs to PCs, they are comparing the same thing. This is not because Macs are "Personal" (Windows is more common in workplaces now), but Macs match every other of today's definition of PC.
Mac users need to STFU. Macs are PCs, and Windows always have (can't say always will be) been better. The best PCs are not Windows, however.
by TheTrueComputerExpert February 08, 2012
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Proppa Cunt
That guy is a PC
by The Rim Greeper January 06, 2012
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Probable Cause
A. Can you set us up with a wire on Sobotka?
B. Depends if there's PC.
by Shazmeister Shazz July 21, 2010
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Proscenium Circus
a.k.a. love, life, and the consumer of one's life = death

the best theater club EVER
PC performed the leromy project, one of the great controversial pieces of theater (and kicked ass @ it!!!!)

PC has the best parties

cousin: what after school activities do you do?
me: PC. my theater club.
cousin: anything else?
me: what else do i have time for? what else do i need?
by theater nerd January 07, 2010
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personal conversation
If your in a chat room you can ask, "Is any guy/girl up for a pc?"
by Ace20 August 18, 2009
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Panama City
Guy1: hey! what you doing for spring break
guy2: going to pc
Guy1: for real! i was going hit up Panama City too.
guy2:cool see ya there
by JAJAZI April 26, 2009
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