a personal computer (only refers to Windows, not Macs)
I got on my PC and chatted on IM.
by Matt Lauten December 14, 2005
post-cock (adv/adj/n): occurring after a sexual encounter with a man and his penis.
I would play guitar more, but I'm just PC so often that I never have the energy!

Set two personal records today: I read 270 pages and I wasn't PC at all! Yeehaw!

I would write in my highary more often, but I just have the worst handwriting PC.

Caffeine is my favorite thing to drink PC.

Some of my friends don't understand that being flakey is just a part of my personality. I think it's because they aren't PC enough.

I don't outline papers, I pregame for them! And I proofread them PC, of course.

What if your roommate was gay? Seriously, what if? That'd be so awkward PC.
by Millsberry Dough Girl February 27, 2011
"Poop Cock" like instead of saying "God dammit" just say Poop cock -or- PC.
PC! I slept through my alarm and missed class!
by stuartslut February 23, 2011
When your in a chatroom people might tell you "pc me" which means private chat me. So only you and the person can talk.
BlondeCrzyGal:heyy zac pc me
DeadChicken789:blah blah
Litterbug2321:blah blah
by Ryan Woods January 13, 2008
Phone conversation
I'm excited for tonight's PC!!
by 13331333 July 07, 2009
it is basicly means a plastic cock
a dildo is a pc
by mizz bubbly July 04, 2009
Hey everybody, you forget one important definition. "PC" are the initials for the talented singer/musician/multi-instrumentalist/songwriter/producer/actor/comedian Phil Collins.
1. On Phil's solo albums he often refers to himself in the credit list/liner notes as "PC". For instance in the "No Jacket Required" liner notes he writes stuff like:

PC - Drums, Linn Drum Machine, bass, Oberheim OB-X, vocals

and so on.

2. At the Genesis concert:

Sonny: Look at Phil on the drums!

Rico: I'm surprised PC hasn't developed Popeye arms yet! Wow!

3. PC's first movie role was just as a face in the crowd in "A Hard Day's Night" (yes, the Beatles flick). He's been on TV and he played a major role as a very notorious mail train robber in UK history in the 1988 film "Buster". It's based on an actual event that happened around 1963, but PC's comedic charm serves him well too. It's got his splendid version of "We Got a Groovy Kind of Love" and his own Motown- influenced hit "Two Hearts". Both songs rocketed to #1 in America and elsewhere. Well worth checking out, PC and his talents really shine.

4. PC has also appeared on several other people's albums, too numerous to list here. On "Both Sides" he does everything himself - all singing, instruments,production, etc. He's also done work on the "Tarzan" soundtrack (PC - WHY did you work with fucking N'SYNC on that one? Who spiked your drink? Bleeeccch!). Also check out some Genesis and Brand X albums.

5. It was early July and I saw the musical guest PC play "Amazing Grace" on the bagpipes on the Late Night show. After a commercial break Dave Letterman announced that the show was done - "that's all we have time for today and we'll see you Monday - no wait! We'll be back on Tuesday, Monday is American Independence Day". He looked at PC and said, "I guess that day doesn't mean anything to you, does it?". Phil just quipped, "It's just another Monday". Uh-huh.
by New World Man April 08, 2009
stands for Porn Cancer.


addicted to porn, it's a disease.
John: So i heard you got the PC, is that true?

Ben: Yeah man i haven't slept in 3 days.

by stripper4money January 23, 2009
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