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"probability be right back"
used when you think that you will be right back but there is a small chance that you will not be able to
versedaaron:pir pbrb
versedaaron has signed off at 12:15 am
by versedaaron July 10, 2008
3 18
Acronym, stands for push button, receive bacon. A pictorial version is found on many public washroom hand drying devices.
The bacon machine's out of order! I pbrb'd and it just gave me hot air.
by dewert January 07, 2009
84 12
False acronym, indicates that the writer must leave to procure a new beer. Combination of the familiar acronyms PBR and BRB.
This conversation just turned intense, and my beer just turned empty. PBRB.
by NotAdamTW September 16, 2009
11 8
"Peeing, be right back." A bit more information than simply brb or afk. Used in chats and especially in online games where coordination between players is required.
> Are we almost ready to start this boss?
> pbrb
> Ok, make it a 2 min bio break for everyone.
by Yelof November 16, 2007
2 15