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no really it means idiot
person 1:look in to this, what does it say

Person2:I D 10 T so. . . wait u suck
by versedaaron December 07, 2007
a game involving at least one female with a low cut shirt, such that the cleavage is showing. players then take turns throwing any random (small) object at hand into said female's shirt/cleavage. The female often tries to block these shots and thus the game becomes more challenging.
i don't really have a good example for this other than to just play shirt basketball.
by versedaaron December 01, 2010
some1 with out morals that comes in and steals, or has sex with someone else's gf or bf.
person 1: dude he impregnated her and now slut 1 want to get in his pants
person 2: dude what a homewrecker
person 1: i know right
by versedaaron May 18, 2008
a code word having cyber-sex.

Person 1: well im going to be back latter going to make some hot pockets

Person 2: Dude ur really desperate.


Person 2: where were you you've been gone for over 3 hours

Person 1: making Hot Pockets

Person 3: Wait how does making hot pockets take 3 hours, i thought u just put them in the sleeve and microwaved them.

Person 1: You have to wait for them to warm up.
by Versedaaron July 02, 2008
it means What the Lag
person 1 "man, my internet connection sucks. . . ok just load this page" page times out "wtl! Curse u dial up!"

person 2 "dude! Just get high speed."
by versedaaron December 21, 2007
"probability be right back"
used when you think that you will be right back but there is a small chance that you will not be able to
versedaaron:pir pbrb
versedaaron has signed off at 12:15 am
by versedaaron July 10, 2008


Use It Dont Abuse It.
person 1:so person 2 who came up with these names anywho why not person Alpha and person Beta
person 2: LMFAP ur stupid
by versedaaron May 10, 2008

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