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The contents of a container or something being transported. Can refer to the cargo of a truck or other transport vehicle as well as the semen located in the male testicles.
"The payload in that truck weighs several thousand pounds."

"I busted a fat payload of cum on that bitch's face!"
by IceWarm November 21, 2004
36 6
1. Verb: Ejaculation
2. Noun: Sperm
"I payloaded all over her"


"Here comes the payload!"
by Urkel August 06, 2004
20 9
cumshot, usually large
He pulled it out at the last minute, then unleashed a Peter North sized payload on her chest.
by 'lil stinker March 07, 2004
18 13
To jerk off at work. Getting paid to jerk off.
Work was so boring today that I decided to shut my office door and drop a payload.
by BigBoy74 July 04, 2012
4 5
The maximum size a female can achieve and still ride a male on top without injuring him.
if she aint 280 she aint a lady, but thats too big of a payload for some men
by oscar@CU February 17, 2010
3 6