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The contents of a container or something being transported. Can refer to the cargo of a truck or other transport vehicle as well as the semen located in the male testicles.
"The payload in that truck weighs several thousand pounds."

"I busted a fat payload of cum on that bitch's face!"
by IceWarm November 21, 2004
1. Verb: Ejaculation
2. Noun: Sperm
"I payloaded all over her"


"Here comes the payload!"
by Urkel August 06, 2004
cumshot, usually large
He pulled it out at the last minute, then unleashed a Peter North sized payload on her chest.
by 'lil stinker March 07, 2004
To jerk off at work. Getting paid to jerk off.
Work was so boring today that I decided to shut my office door and drop a payload.
by BigBoy74 July 04, 2012
The maximum size a female can achieve and still ride a male on top without injuring him.
if she aint 280 she aint a lady, but thats too big of a payload for some men
by oscar@CU February 17, 2010

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