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payhole (pey hole) NOUN. A body orifice used to earn money, i.e. a mouth, vagina, anus, nostrils or ears.
Dick- Oh, stick it in your payhole, Jane.

Jane- Which one?

Dick- How many payholes do you have?

Jane- Seven.

Dick- WTF?! You do not!

Jane- (counting off her fingers.) Pussy is one, asshole is two, mouth is three, right ear is four, left ear is five, right nostril is six, left nostril makes seven.

Dick- How much do you charge for a nostrilfuck?

Jane- Right or left?

Dick- is there a difference?

Jane- Righty tighty, lefty loosey, as daddy used to say.

Dick- Your daddy is a sick fuck.

Jane- That must be why I'm with you, Dick.

Dick- You know how much I hate it when you're smarter than me.

Jane- OHHHH, so that's why you're always trying to fuck my brains out. And I thought you liked me.

Dick- Get real. I'm only with you because you give great nose. C'mere, you.

(snorting noises, laughter)


Jane- I do what I can.

Dick- I want to take you home to meet Mom.

Jane- What's she like?

Dick- Well, her left nostril is a lot bigger than her right one...
by Maxhole June 21, 2009
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