pay dirt, the opposite of winning big.
When Grandpa bought the farm he thought he was going to strike it rich, instead he struck pay dirt.
by j. londry October 14, 2007
Top Definition
1. the type of snatch you dream about
2. where you wanna be
Example 1:
This is our last night in New York and we're tryna strike paydirt.

Example 2:
Holla at ya boi if you into some Caribbean paydirt!

Example 3:
Tyrone - Shit dawg, a niggas broke as fuck can i hold a dolla? I on an expedition fo some paydirt.
Julio - Que?
by parachuteboyz January 13, 2011
1. Any source of success or wealth; a fortunate discovery or profitable venture.
2. End Zone (football)
In Madden 11, When you can see a player scoring a TD a mile away Gus Johnson says, "next stop, "pay dirt."

When searching/looking for something, "pay dirt" nearly acts like using the word "jackpot."
by rusty cuyler January 12, 2012
The dirt in which gold nuggets were uncovered via the panning process used during the California gold rush. Dirt and water were shoveled into large bowls and swished around as a quick way to find gold nuggets.
"Ah ha! Paydirt" - Tyler from the movie/book "Fight Club"
by Jordan Brooke March 22, 2006
A football term describing the endzone of the football field. Also: a touchdown.
"He ran twenty yards for paydirt."


"They moved the football efficiently to reach paydirt."
by McFearson August 28, 2006
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