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Slang for masturbation. Named for a legendary masturbator who rumor has it panned for four hour straight furiously.
*Knock Knock*
*shuffling noise*
Dude Ed went home for the weekend. Allen is so panning in there.
by Repsaj Kuo June 28, 2009
41 16
A better way to soak someone during a water fight.
Lizzy loves panning people in the face.
by SpamUp___ June 20, 2010
6 0
The act of being extremely clingy, even to the point of latching onto your significant other's arm. Usually found in women.
Yeah, I slept with her last night and now she's totally panning me!
She hasn't left you alone for a minute.
by Laser Cat April 15, 2010
6 2
hitting another over the head with a pan, not physically, but mentally
Busdriver: "Larry Dunn, you better sit your ass down and cut this mess out. I know you don't want to start panning on folks, do you? Not with what I know 'bout your momma".

excerpt from Watsons Go To Birmingham
by Nicholas Hastain August 17, 2006
11 19