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A somewhat self-deprecating term for someone who loves paws, perhaps finding them arousing or is aroused when their paws are massaged. The paws can be their partner's, their own, their teddy bear/plushie/puppet's, from a costume/fursuit, cartoon, comic, or even from a drawing or written story.
T's such a paw slut that he'll play with anyone with soft paw-pads.
by mejeep! February 12, 2004
Someone of the furry community who has a craving for other furry's paws. Also see 'foot-fetish'
"Jamie is such a paw-slut! We couldn't get him off of Jessica's hindpaw last ngiht!" or "Ack! Jamie, you motherfucker, get off of my foot, you crazy bastard!"
by Dickie-san March 10, 2004
a female who rubs on the penis often with the bare hands.
I got this nasty rope burn today...some pawslut was rubbin my jimmy with her sandpaper hands.
by Yuengling September 26, 2003
A promuscious person into the "furry scene" (dressing up as animal characters and having sex)
Jamie was wearing her foxy loxy costume and doing everone at the party -- she's such a pawslut!
by Chaz January 17, 2004
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