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a condom.
Dude! let me get one of your cockpods, this bitch been rubbin my piece!
by Yuengling September 26, 2003
Some fat slut with a gaping vagina who manages to hook up with some poor drunk slob every weekend.
Damn, that stompslut fuck yo shit last night? you're a sorry ass nigga.
by Yuengling September 26, 2003
a dirty mexican who runs a cockfighting ring out of the back of his bodega.
Man, I owe that cockmobster thirtyfive pesos, or else he has my eyes pecked out...
by Yuengling September 26, 2003
A little person with a gigantic member who copulates with big people often. think horse wang on a kitten.
Damn girl, I heard you went runnin with that studmidget Cocoa...
by Yuengling September 26, 2003
A penis with fake gold teeth. (Think Black Ron Jeremy)
That cockmuskie reminded me of a world war two fighter jet, damn, them teeth ate me raw.
by Yuengling September 27, 2003
A crack-whore who can provide no milk to her AIDs baby, not even tainted cracked-out milk.
Yo momma musta been a real douche-bottle shaniqua, I find out yo momma give me the hiv'a...
by Yuengling September 26, 2003
Black chef-midget in a gay fraternity house, (particularly of the fraternity Sigma Alpha Epsilon)
Those lucky sigs have a housecock boy who jerks them off after every meal!
by Yuengling September 26, 2003

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