A local Toronto producer from Don Mills with underground talent. Darko 'Pavilion' Zivanovic, originally from Serbia, is known for his heavy beats and unique sound. Pavilion was recently recruited to join the Nyne Milly Street Team, lead by Serbian rapper Kreem Yung.
"Pavilion, this beat is really cryptic, it's really mystic, they need to listen before it's too late, we already too great."
#rap #serbia #darko #beat #music
by Lil' Kitten March 04, 2008
Top Definition
To have casual sex in a semi-public place, such as a cricket pavilion.
Rob: Hey mon, y'wanna go to the pavilion with me?
#sex #bone #love #touch inappropriately #finger
by Hugh hefner 92 May 11, 2010
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