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paulynn a girl who says to have the best upmost talent and is a born leader this name is only given to the most preitiest born babies on earth
that girl is so paulynn
by bjnekjbeknvlkns January 26, 2009
Paulynns are serious and persistent. Goes for perfection and only perfection. Born leader. Loves attention. Outgoing, charismatic and she has loads of admirers.
Tommy:"I would love to take Paulynn on a date. Man, she's my type!!"
Chad:"Hands off, asshole! I'm taking her out later!"
by Chase101 December 26, 2009
A fat ass with huge boobs.
Hey! That girl is like a Paulynn!
by Hot Babe. July 04, 2009
A big fat girl, yet, has small tits. A very chatty and loud girl. Gets aroused easily. Also, is a bisexual who love guys and girls.
Omg, that girl is so paulynn. Look at those tiny jugs! And, my, does she know what is silence?
by luv-xoxo July 04, 2009
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