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1. A blonde, usually German or Austrian, girl who has really big boobs but is not a slut.
2. A prude girl who wont put out.
That girl was such a paulette, too bad I can't get any from her.
by Davesavestheday April 16, 2007
100 145
A very smart, sweet girl with lots of things on her mind. She may seem distracted a lot and that's because she is most of the time. Very creative and sometimes shy. She always has to have music on, she likes to get lost in the lyrics. She doesn't think she's attractive at all but in reality she's the most gorgeous thing you'll ever meet. Often spaces out when near windows. Always contemplating something. Easy to get along with. A very real and genuine person. Stands up for her friends and would never hurt anyone intentionally. Cares too much. Good judge of character. Loves helping others, without asking for anything in return. Not easily influenced. Has so much planned for her. Is a pacifist and has a bohemian feel to her. She likes playfighting. Looks like the most innocent person alive but can be the sexiest, kinky little thing if you get her to that stage. Likes being pushed to do better. Always looking after those around her.
Matt: Did you see how beautiful Paulette looked yesterday?
Dylan: Yesterday? She always looks gorgeous!
by dudeyouknowme November 30, 2010
240 75
1. A red hot firecracker that could bring you to your knees with her big boobs and smokin' personality.

2. Like a red Lamborghini. She's more than the average man can handle.
I wish I could get me a Paulette.
by Bare hunter February 13, 2010
135 65
A girl that is very beautfiul bt in her eyes she thinks she isn't. She is very unique and smart and also very very perverted. She is the kinkiest and horniest girl you will ever meet. She can be nice and mean just depends on how you treat her. Its hard for her to stay mad at someone everytime you see her she is smiling.
Mia: Man did you see Paulette last night, she was dancing her ass off. I didn't know she could dance.

Zack: She can do anything.
by Mia Ella November 14, 2011
71 40
A "slider" burger with bacon, cheese, onion, sausage patty, and chili.
Yo dog! I just went to Campau Tower and ordered a Paulette and fries to go.
by Boat Drink Wizard September 03, 2008
42 140