Getting beaten by one.

In poker a pair of threes beats a pair of twos.

In B-Ball Team A has 98 points, Team B has 97 points.

Both are examples of getting Pauled.
by Unit 55 Beef May 08, 2008
Top Definition
To treat someone unfairly; take advantage of someone; To lie to someone; To break promises; to give someone a very bad time; to scold someone severely.
My friend really Pauled me when he said he got the tickets to the football game and didn't come through
by baileyboy1 May 29, 2016
To be outwitted by a person of lesser intelligence.
Being knifed by a noob in counter-strike. ( I got pauled).

by Aero Communications June 03, 2008
To steal something. Commonly used as a secret name so as not to arouse suspicion.
He pauled the memory stick from Staples.
by osmosys September 08, 2006
The act of being shit canned or fired for an apathetic attitude and lack luster job peformance
He got pauled for his low sales and excessive lateness
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by Bycal June 11, 2016
For a liar to be schooled by somebody who is telling the truth. When the liar in a debate or arguement loses their point by the more intelligent person telling the truth, this is called getting Pauled.


~RON PAUL 2012~
Isn't Sean Hannity tired of getting Pauled?
by truthspreader1 August 18, 2011
This phenomenon involves investing time into a serious or important conversation with a coworker while your back is turned to him or her, and, while you are still talking to this person, they leave the room unbeknownst to you, leaving you feeling frustrated and foolish. "Paul" comes from the High Norse verbs "Pa": "to vanish into" and "uhl" (later after Visagoth invasions of Northern Europe spelled) "ul": "land of shadows and dust."
Scene: Locus en Munus
Paul: "So, B, how was your weekend?"

B: "Pretty rough, man, my mom died, my wife left with our dog, and then I had to drive to Houston to switch out my Dad's oxygen tank and colostomy bag, and then..." (realizing the room is eerily quiet, B turns to find Paul absent; crestfallen, a single tear rolls down his cheek. He had been pauled yet again).
by Bryan Pope December 29, 2006
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