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Someone who is overly nice and encouraging about something/someone that clearly sucks
Don't pull a paula abdul - her dress sucks.
by snufericious February 25, 2005
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Small, cute, and extremely talented singer and choreographer. Is now a judge on popular TV show American Idol. Has had several relationships that turned out badly in her lifetime but has finally found her true love in fellow judge Simon Cowell. Now if only the two would just freaking admit their love for each other!
"Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul are secretly dating!"
by Mistress Anne Boleyn April 09, 2005
A woman who did, and still does, define the late 80's and early 90's, and is the queen of coreography. Also a judge on American Idol.
Paula Abdul is just so awesome! She is the shiznit of all shiznaes.
by Eri November 12, 2004
to do a Paula Abdul is to overcome adversity and many troubles along the way and come out as a successful woman who is a great role model to many young girls across the globe.
Wow, Mary did a Paula Abdul when she won that race even though her mom just died and she had an injured ankle
by Tors tha mini Abdul October 29, 2004
probably the smallest and hottest chick out there. she was a cheerleader, an amazing dancer and an ok singer, and now a judge on american idol. shes also like 40 and looks like 20.
guy 1: i want paula abduls boddd

guy 2: good luck stealing it away from that ugly ass britt who keeps feeling her up every nite on american idol.

guy 1: fuckk that douchebag
by fugitive_ass June 04, 2006
A smart beautiful woman who is the best at the many things she does.
Jennifer Lopez is an example.
by Lori March 14, 2004
1. state of being multi-talented
2. of or relating to cute smallness
1. to a person with many talents: "Woah, you're a regular paula abdul!"
2. to a person who is small and cute: "'re Paula Abdul" ok, so maybe that one is stupid....oh well.
by Lauren March 15, 2004

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