a sexy piece of ass who i want to fuck hard
Paula Abdul needs to get that beautiful ass into my crib and fuck my brains out
by jake_thinks_ur_a_fuckface April 07, 2006
she is a choriographer and famous singer, she was on american idol as one of its origina judges. She is 40 years old and she will still manage to get you a bonner
Person:"man i got a bonner from that 20 year old judge on american idol!"

Other person "dude thats Paula Abdul shes not 20 shes 40!"

Person: "i still got a bonner"
by baka kuso yaro April 09, 2011
a crazy drunken judge on american idol who we all love to laugh at just cuz we can : D
wow ur as drunk as paula abdul!!! hahaha!!!
by ryan seacrest (jkz!!! lol) July 10, 2008
A drunk. A one-hit wonder who has now stooped as low to become a judge on an overrated reality TV show.
Don't be a Paula Abdul! No one will like you!
by rockstar_64 May 10, 2008
a person who has been fired at the work place and then claims that they where having sex with the boss in order to profit.
that guy with big hair on amirican idol who got kicked off and later he claimed that he was having sex with paula abdul to get his name in the spotlight again.

"you i got fired from work, i think i am gonna do a paula abdul on her/his ass."
by pauliesatx August 09, 2006
Something that looks like a woman but is really an alien who can't criticize somebody. Best known for her "oh-my-god-how-original-songs" like Opposites Attract which proves here she's not a normal human being because she wrote the song before knowing Simon Cowell.
OMG I just want to kill Paula Abdul by complementing her to death!!!!!
by destroy AI please April 09, 2005
someone who needs to put on some real clothes and stops thinking shes 21...shes not!
she paula abdul shouldnt be on american idol...that WHORE! :-P
by Ketchup P. July 15, 2006
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