a recon mission by a neurotic control freak
In order to stay up-to-date on everyone's personal business, the intrusive nosy co-worker regularly went out on patroll throughout the office
by Higley September 16, 2009
When a writer of an online article or blog post starts or finishes a piece with pre-emptive responses to the trolling s/he is expecting to see in the comments.
Jane decided she'd better patroll her post by adding this statement at the end:

Before you start trolling in the comments and saying nobody cares, remember that this is the answer to a question I get in half of the messages from my readers.
by GoGopher February 20, 2014
Scouting out potential posts to troll on forums and social networking sites.
PaTrolling Andrew's Formsping and Facebook.
by I like trolling. February 03, 2011
Duty to wander/survey/people watch/visually pat down any fucking NOOB then subsequitily annihilate/castrate/obliterate/demolish with the uttermost/stellar Verbal beat down ever known to man.
Dude we gotta get on our PaTroll.

Those Fags are totally Patrolling the southwest region.

I say we go over to their house, Patroll the shit out of them.
by HBMB September 24, 2012

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