Scouting the area for potential persons of the opposite sex... looking to engage in some for of sexual activity.
Guy1: Yo... where all the girls at?
Guy2: Hit you back when im done patrolin'
by Blazen Hazen July 17, 2006
Top Definition
Patrol is a slang term for theft or the act of stealing.
"i just patroled this new pen from that nerd"
by wtc September 24, 2006
The code word you use when you are stealing things from kids at school. Mostly used for pens and pencils.
I hope I can patrol that pen from our teacher before the end of the period.
by Jeff Cooke September 26, 2006
The courageous duty of Briargrove fifth-graders who maintain safety and order at the country's greatest public elementary school. One on "patrols" can easily be identified by their orange belt and badge. Captains wear white belts.
"Do you have patrols today, Captain Kathleen?"
by broomcloset February 13, 2009
The Police. If they are posted in an area then they are "Patrol".
"I'll break the door, you check for patrol"
by GSC July 17, 2006
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