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An awesome person who will beat you up if you talk bad about him. Awesome at music, sports, girls, and much more. Patric is spelt french.
Wow. patric is looking pretty hot today.

Patric is always looking hot, don't point out the obvious.
#patric #is #awesome #he #the #coolest #you'll #ever #meet
by somebodyrandomthatyoudontknow October 23, 2008
A kid that instead of going to talk to friends, draws some weird manga/anime/japanese comic crap. Anti-social, and quiet. Whenever he says "I can't find it" when looking for an assignement, it means he really didn't do it. Oh well. He's decent. Sometimes.
Dude! That guy is such a Patric. He just sits there and draws all day.
#anime #manga #pokemon #always #forgets #stuff #haha
by i pim- i solve your problem May 12, 2009
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