An amulet of vaginal fluids worn in a flask around the neck.
"I finally convinced Orit to give me a patchouli last night."
#amulet #lucky charm #mojo #charm #vaginal lubrication
by NewR2D2 August 07, 2012
1) A plant that smells like a Grateful Dead concert.
2) Not a shower, contrary to San Franciso's public policy on hygiene.
3) Slang term for Filty Filthy Hippie
"No hipppie, that's a bad hippie. Patchouli is not a shower!"
by fnordmotorco July 21, 2005
A fragrance that is best when blended with other scents, not as a cover for a personality. Below is a joke I came up with when this hippie yelled a lot of random statements and then left the room. Anyone is free to repeat this joke.
"What a waste of patchouli."
#patchouli #fragrance #hippie #drugged #joke
by Brandon L. February 03, 2006
The sound one makes after vomiting, and trying to spit out the last bit, out of your mouth. Often caused from the actual patchouli smell.
I could here Joe finish throwing up, and let out the last patchouli of spit when he finished.
#patchouli #oil #scent #smell #sound #patchuli
by bicyclejohn June 25, 2010
Also known as hippie piss or hippy piss.
Steve said that some patchouli-wearing, dirty surf-hippie smelled like hippie piss.
#hippie piss #patchouli oil #patchouly oil #pachouli oil #hippie stink
by Paul D. Key July 29, 2006
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