To be spanked on the buttocks with a wet and soapy rubber glove.
Patch me harder baby....yeah, that's how I like it.
by FUCKUPHIMA January 24, 2015
A patch is usually intended to modify an executable file to improve it.
A patch is obviously a digitalized file which has been programmed to take out programming faultys and errors and replace them with a correct line of code.
A patch can be written by any programmer with a open source executable file (that they wish to modify). Patches can also be written by programmers to convert trial softwares to full version softwares, this includes games. The word for adding patches to executable files to modify it illegally is called, when spoken by someone "patched". Look below
Gekotec: I patched my trial version game; Call Of Duty
Janice: Really? I played Call of Duty the other day and had to download a patch to improve my online gameplay expirience. But first i bought the game! 10% off!!
Gekotec: Oh, boy.
by Kyaa! July 30, 2006
Slang; The area of darkened skin around a womans' nipple most commonly known as the areola.
Man...that girls' breasts are huge; and I'll bet she has some nice big patches too!
by stove_mouse December 07, 2010
Something fabric you can stitch on a sweater/backpack/trousers/etc.
"Look at my so-c00l KoRn; Issues-patch!"
by `tr4sh.Y February 20, 2004
Patch/Pad/Beat Patch/Cut in:

A place in the countryside one drives to to smoke weed. Usually a patch of concrete or grass off road used during harvesting, hidden by trees/hedgerow in a farmers field. A good patch would have nice scenery, little mud and uneven ground, be discreet (no tyre tracks that can be followed and car can't be seen from road) and be able to cater for a few cars at once.
*If the farmer comes in his truck looking pissed off and with a gun tucked under his arm, run/drive/fly. .fast.

*Who are the twats that always leave munchie-rubbish everywhere? BAIT! Patchs are used by farmers too. .

*Having car lights on in the dark so people can see you on the road. .bad idea.
by Superjimmeh February 17, 2009
a place you drive, walk, bike, wutever, to go smoke marijuana and enjoy scenery. or
redneck event which involves illegal activities out in the boonies.
Origin: BC canada
Hey man, wanna go hit a patch?
Lets go hit a patch!
by butterflyhoots March 31, 2005
A person with red hair accompanied by, but not limited to, red pubic hair. Usually pale skinned and freckled. Someone who looks like a walking talking Cabbage Patch Kid.
Jim: I saw a particularly grotesque patch leaving the church on Palmer St. the other day.

Mick: What was a patch doing in church? It's not like they have a soul to be saved anyway...

Jim: Word.
by The Zaric October 15, 2011

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