a name for a very tall girl.
Jacob: Wooaaa, look at Patches! Shes freakin' tallllll.
Shanna: ....
Shanna: kthanks.
by Jayyyyycub August 07, 2010
Top Definition
In Computer Software industry: the process of taking old bugs out and putting new ones in.
I'll download that patch from Microsoft when they release a service pack to fix what it broke.
by db.not November 22, 2005
To temporarily ignore or leave out someone, usually due to a minor fall out. Can be done face to face, by text or msn.
Girl 1: OH NO! Emma just tried to talk to me online! Urgh she is soooo annoying
Girl 2: hmm just patch her

Boy: I saw Christie today and waved at her, but she just patched me...
by patching.master January 03, 2010
Female frontal pubic hair area trimmed into the shape of a rectangle.
"That chick's patch is all dialed in."
by Steve Austin April 25, 2003
(n.) an electronic file alteration intended to correct or update a faulty or vulnerable file, akin to a cloth 'patch'.
You gotta install the latest patch or somebody could get into your inbox, okay?
by kinsmed July 15, 2004
to "make out with"; Australian teen slang term.
I just patched the fugliest girl! Someone wash out my mouth!
by hotlamp December 30, 2008
a spot of hair that is missing from your head usually used as a cap for cappers
1. Damn look at that fat ass PATCH!!
2. Awwww PATCH!!
by qjouwsetriynu December 04, 2008
Synonymous with crack.
In computer hacker terminology, a patch is an editing of a certain data file or executable that enables the end user to bypass the copy protection normally included in said data file. A patch usually consists of editing only a few bytes of assembly code.
Do you have a patch for the latest Agendus for PalmOS? Try pilotw@rez!
by Sonnybobiche January 27, 2004

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