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Another term for saggy pussy lips, synonomous with the ever-popular phrase "beef curtains".
Sara had such big pastrami flaps that when she walked they made a clapping sound.
by mikef91 July 21, 2005
Low term for a womans vaginal lips.
"Damn bitch! Those are some nasty fuckin pastrami flaps!"
by Danno March 21, 2005
Women with large and bulbuose labia.
That chick's pastrami flaps could help stamp out world hunger.
by EH of HB September 03, 2007
The term used to describe a woman's labia where the outer lips are very dark - nearing purple / black while the inner lips are bright pink. Thus looking just like a slice of Pastrami.
The old bitch had the worst pastrami flaps I've every seen!
by NoFussRuss June 22, 2006
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