1.Food consisting of minced meat and various vegetables in a pastry wrap. Originated from Cornwall England, UK but imitated in numourous other places now. Good to eat as a snack or as part of a easy meal. Originally it was created by wifes of coal miners of Cornwall, it had all the essential food stuffs needed for a miner. It was cooked slowly overnight in the oven for it to taken into the mines next morning.

2.A person who is fat. Used as a insult.
1.mmmm Lazyboy loves the cornish pastys, ready to eat all day every day!

2.Oi oi look at the fat pasty!
by LazyBoy January 15, 2005
one that is ugly, super white, needs help, puts teabags on eyes, and has no friends
That kid was so pasty he got denied to prom
by Anti-Pasty August 31, 2009
A word used to describe a woman of reasonable attraction.
This pasty can be graded using precious metals to express the intensity of the attraction.
Jim: Met some pasty at the weekend!

Chaz: sweet man! how good?

Jim: Golden at the least.

"Mate, i seriously smashed platinum pasty last night!"

"Golden pasty is a right dirty bitch, Fucking love it!"

"I'd fucking ruin that pasty"
by Platinum Pasty January 14, 2009
The most favourable referance for a vagina.
Originating from the resemberlance to the top of a cornish pasty

Also see Smashing Pasty
Bloke A: Did u get any last nite?
Bloke B: Yer i totally smashed her pasty :)
by Kevin Marshall September 07, 2006
A term to describe someone or something that is extremely unfashionable.
''Mate, that shirt is a pasty''
''Have you seen TG today? He's looking like a proper pasty''
by ULC May 13, 2008
Another name for the womans vagina
'oh my god!! Dave have you seen how nasty, Flora's pasty is??'
by GemmyFizzle October 16, 2006
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