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7 definitions by LazyBoy

One who is very stupid - a fuckwit.

Dunce originates from when children who refused to learn or just bloody stupid and sent to the corner and wore a giant cone with a red D for dunce on it.
Timmy you fucking dunce to the corner!
by LazyBoy November 12, 2004
The number for the emergency services i.e the police, A&E, fire service.
Often pranked from public telephones by children and adults alike for a quick laugh at someone elses expence.
Also often used for the wrong reasons like 999 was dialed because someones curry was too hot.
-Hey Bill whats the number for 999?!?
-I don't know Bob what is the number for 999?!?
by LazyBoy December 02, 2004
British term.
Term to call someone who obviously wanks a lot and therefore neglecting his work, school work, girlfriend, life etc
-"Hey that Edwin kid got held back a year because he fucked up his exams"
-"What a wank-a-lot!"
by LazyBoy December 02, 2004
Coming up short on what task you do.
Man this co-worker of mine was limp-dicking-it today.
by lazyboy July 08, 2013
Usually refers to Stella Artois which is a reasonably strong lager or any other strong lager or cider for the "wife" to drink and get drunk quite easy, so the man can have his way...
mmmmmm wife beater anyone?
by LazyBoy December 02, 2004
Short for "FUCK THE SYSTEM"...
... Fuck The System! ...
by LazyBoy November 28, 2004
1.Food consisting of minced meat and various vegetables in a pastry wrap. Originated from Cornwall England, UK but imitated in numourous other places now. Good to eat as a snack or as part of a easy meal. Originally it was created by wifes of coal miners of Cornwall, it had all the essential food stuffs needed for a miner. It was cooked slowly overnight in the oven for it to taken into the mines next morning.

2.A person who is fat. Used as a insult.
1.mmmm Lazyboy loves the cornish pastys, ready to eat all day every day!

2.Oi oi look at the fat pasty!
by LazyBoy January 15, 2005