white ass moda fuckaaa/ fool. Commonly used as a come back when a Redneck calls you nigga or spic.
A: Eww you ugly nigger
B: Wat the fuck u call me? Pasty ass mutha fuckin fool; go buy some Tommy Hilfiger.

B: Shut the fuck up, you pasty ass bitch.
by 3musketeersfromthehood August 22, 2010
A delicious one course meal including many miscellaneous food items such as potatos, beef, rutebega etc. stuffed inside a flaky crust. Goes well with ketchup or gravy. Derived from the UP of Michigan and hard to find anywhere else.
We will eat scrumptous pasties for dinner when we return home to the Upper Penninsula of Michigan!
by Jennifer "Super Yooper" April 05, 2005
an extremely favourable word to describe and sort of vagina. coming from the pastry treat which resemles the cunt.
even if ur rough as fuck i still think you are lush Wallsend, Byker, Whitley Bay all the fanny is pure classy i'll take you back to my house and fucking smash ya pasty
by flagginole May 14, 2009
A pasty can be used to describe something that is really unfashionable / oversized or generally rubbish. normally a shoe. Can also be used to describe a person if they are being a pasty.
Those shoes are pastys.

"Sorry mate no food allowed in the gym". "i dont have any food on me" "well what about those pastys"

Your an absolute pasty.
by Durbmiester June 06, 2010
Pasty (noun) and Pasty (verb)

A Caucasian person...for you slow people, a white person.

Can also be applied to someone that lacks a sufficient tan.
Fucking racist ass pasty motherfucker.

"You pasty bastard; look at you Chuck. You look sick man. You look like you just walked up from ground zero."

Chappelle's Show (Reparations Episode)
Verb usage:

Damn you look pasty as hell.
by Professor Xero December 06, 2009
Someone acting white, stupid and not like they should; usually are called Squidward
Squidward was so pasty today he forgot how to count.
by Nick Brady March 06, 2009
(pronounced past-ee)

Another name for a woman's vagina.
"I stayed at Debbie's last night... Smashed her pasty. Wallop!"
by Eradeziel March 02, 2006

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