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a pastie is a battered almost burger like creation of which im actually not sure of the ingredients.anyhow the pastie is placed inside a bap,and with the optional(though highly recommended)addition of grated cheese it becomes a tasty meal all of its own.

according to speak norn iron"the pastie bap is 100% pure northern irish through and through.it was invented in 1987 to counter the popularity of wimpy burgers in belfast".
gis a pastie bap and a a small cheesy chip and a tin of pepsi
by Kunstable January 16, 2007
A pastie bap is a trick performed my a man using his genitalia. It is performed simply by pulling the scrotum over the entire male organ to cover it. It thus resembles the surface of a pastie bap.
Mate, you may have just performed an outstanding impression of an elephant and a woman simply by manipulating your genitalia but wait till you see my pastie bap!
by jamesbensonphillips April 18, 2011